Want to advocate for people who are blind, visually and print impaired at your next event?

We can support your efforts! Review the items below and use the form to order your supplies. Or call us at 1-800-890-1180 ext. 152.

ACCESSIBLE PRESCRIPTION LABEL RACK CARDS: These 4 x 9 cards contain a quick summary of what each accessible label option offers and how to get them.

ScripTalk Talking Labels Rack Card (front and back)

ScripTalk Talking Prescription Labels Rack Card


ScriptView Large Print Labels Rack Card (front and back)

ScriptView large print prescription labels information card


Braille Labels Rack Card (front and back)

Braille Prescription Labels Rack Card

Want to show people how talking labels work? Request a ScripTalk Station Prescription Reader Demo Unit (free loaner!)

ScripTalk Station Prescription Reader Demo Unit

ScripTalk large pull-up banner (approximately 3′ x 7′)


Accessible Prescription Label Fact Sheet

Accessible Prescription Drug Labeling Fact Sheet 2018


ScripTalk T-shirts

ScripTalk T-Shirt

Please fill out the form below. Please include in your message the name of your event, description, expected attendance and how many of each item you might need. We will contact you to schedule the best date for delivery of your items. Limits may apply. Items are provided in support of your advocacy, free of charge.

Thank you for advocating for the safety of people who are blind, visually and print impaired!


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