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Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind (MSAB)

MSAB is an initiative to keep people safe by promoting accessible prescription labels for folks who are blind, visually impaired and print impaired. Every year, during the month of October, groups and individuals participate in activities to help spread the word about large print, Braille and talking prescription label options for people who cannot read their medication labels.

Nearly 21 million Americans, many 65 years or older, have low vision or are blind. For these individuals, inability to clearly read a prescription label can result in unnecessary injury or death.  Accessible prescription labels solve this dangerous dilemma. These labels have become widely available at pharmacies across the US and Canada, but many people are still unaware of these life-saving options.   

Helping People Who are Blind, Visually and Print Impaired

The goal of MSAB is to get the word out about accessible prescription labels, so that people who are visually or print impaired know they have options. This is where YOU come in. By becoming an advocate and spreading the word about accessible labels, you’re helping to give people a way to safely and independently manage their medications. You’re helping to save lives.

MSAB began as a week-long event in 2017, with hundreds of participants from across the country holding various events and activities.

Participants included:

  • 144 state and national organizations, including branches of the NFB, ACB, State Rehabilitation and Blind Services, Centers for Independent Living and Lighthouse Agencies
  • Nearly 100 Lions Club members from across the USA
  • Individual advocates including The Blind Life and Reach Out Radio 
  • Local TV networks such as 921 News in Butler, MO and ABC30 in Fresno, CA

MSAB week was so successful that it’s become a month-long endeavor, occurring every October!

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Advocate Info Pack for Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind

Advocate Info Pack can include (from left to right) NCD brochure, MSAB flyer, ScripTalk, ScriptView and Braille brochures, *ScripTalk Station demo unit, sample bottle with talking, large print and Braille labels, and *ScripTalk app demo bottle (*only if requested).

If you and your organization would like to participate, please sign up using the form below. You’ll receive an info pack including the MSAB flyer which details ways in which you and your group can participate. You can also request a demo unit to show people how accessible prescription labels work.

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Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind (MSAB) info and resources:

Flyer: Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind MSAB campaign flyer

Brochure: National Council on Disability NCD Best Practices Prescription Drug Labeling

Fact Sheet: Accessible Prescription Drug Labeling Fact Sheet

Some Accessibility Laws:

ADA and Effective Communication

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

United States Access Board Best Practices 

Nevada SB 131

Thank you for your interest in advocating for the safety and well-being of people who are blind, visually and print impaired.

Once you participate in MSAB, you can leave feedback to inspire others to become advocates!



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