Trish with guide dog Sparrow and Youlanda with guide dog Cody

Trish and Youlanda with guide dogs Sparrow and Cody are both graduates of Southeastern Guide Dogs; both use ScripTalk talking prescriptions to manage meds.

Helping Visually Impaired Students Safely Manage Medications with Free Talking Prescriptions

Did you know that talking prescription labels are available for your students who need to manage medications for their guide dogs (or for themselves)?

Talking prescription labels and prescription readers are widely available across the US and Canada at no extra charge at participating pharmacies.

Talking labels use special RFID tags, which are placed on a medication by a pharmacist. A patient uses a prescription reader device at home to listen to all of the information on the medication label.

Talk to your students about how to safely and independently manage their guide dog’s medications with ScripTalk talking prescription labels. We can provide you with free educational materials; just fill out the form below. You can even show your students how talking labels work by requesting a ScripTalk demo unit (free loaner)!

When filling out the form, please reference the items you need as described below:

  • Request ScripTalk rack cards (you can order more at any time by using the form)
  • Request a ScripTalk demo unit (provided on loan) to show students how talking labels work
  • Request a sample accessible prescription labels (APL) bottle with all label options (talking RFID label, large print label, Braille label, CSSL-controlled substance safety label)
  • Turn your phone into a talking prescription reader: request a demo ScripTalk app bottle and download the ScripTalk app from Google Play (Android); the iOS version is coming in 2019.


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Brochure: National Council on Disability NCD Best Practices Prescription Drug Labeling

Fact Sheet: Accessible Prescription Drug Labeling Fact Sheet

Flyer: Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind MSAB campaign flyer

Video: Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind advocate video

Some Background Information and Accessibility Laws:

ADA and Effective Communication

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

United States Access Board Best Practices 

Nevada SB 131

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