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Deaf-Blind Now Have Opportunity for Accessible Prescriptions

Normal, IL. – (January 15, 2014) For those who are deaf-blind, finding ways to identify prescriptions and all their fine print can be a challenge. For those with Braille display devices, the newly introduced ScripTalk User Software by En-Vision America, Inc. finally provides a safe and independent solution.

“We would go to conferences and talk to blind users who were glad labels were finally accessible for the blind, but we repeatedly were asked if any of our products would work for their deaf-blind friends.  When we began development on the ScripTalk User Software for large print display on a personal computer, we used the opportunity to include in the design the ability to export text to a Braille display devices as well.  The benefit of this over basic Braille labels is that all the information on the label can be accessed, not just the drug name and dose– including warnings, refill and pharmacy contact information.” comments Amanda Tolson, Pharmacy Relations Mangager for En-Vision America.

ScripTalk audible prescription labels have been available at select pharmacies and VA hospitals for 17 years. In 2013 En-Vision America introduced the expanded ScripAbility suite of accessible label options:

  • ScripTalk Talking Labels
  • ScripTalk User Software
  • ScripView large print labels (w/ and w/o 2D barcode for detailed information via smartphone)
  • and Braille Labels.

To find a participaing pharmacy, customers can call 1-800-890-1180 or go to

About En-Vision America: En-Vision America, Inc. is a company providing products aimed at solving problems for those with visual impairments.  The company was founded by Philip C. and David B. Raistrick in 1996 as they invented products to help family members with visual impairments.  The cornerstone of the company was based upon and continues to operate on one single premise: To provide customers with greater independence through technology.  For more information about the company and products visit their website at


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Amanda Tolson or Sharla Glass, please call 309-452-3088 or email

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