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En-Vision America Launches Newest ScripTalk Reader

Normal, IL (August 21, 2007) – En-Vision America, Inc. proudly introduced the latest device in their line of assistive technology at the NACDS conference in Boston, MA this week. ScripTalk Station, an audible prescription reader, was presented to the retail market. ScripTalk Station utilizes RFID and text-to-speech technology to speak printed prescription label information to those who cannot read due to blindness, dyslexia, illiteracy or other print impairments. A previous edition has been in use by the Veteran’s Administration nationwide for over four years. More than 15,000 veterans currently take advantage of this technology.

Many international retail pharmacy chains were impressed with and expressed desire in incorporating the ScripTalk Station program into their pharmacies. In meetings, company executives expressed that they had been looking for solutions for providing prescription information to their customers with visual impairments and were excited to find such a simple, successful and cost-effective solution. En-Vision America, Inc. is in negotiations with several of these companies and is working to get this technology available to patients nationwide.

The new version, Station, was modified to make installation within the pharmacy available at a much lower cost. The pharmacy unit connects to a computer via USB or serial port and interfaces with existing Windows compatible software. The pharmacist imports prescription information from their existing program, places a Talking Label (affixed to the prescription) on the device and presses a button. The label is encoded with all the printed information including warnings, side effects and patient monograph information. ScripTalk Station is also compatible with auto-fill systems. At home, the patient uses a similar device to hear the label information. With the press of a single button, the unit reads all the needed information. The patient can sort through information or have pieces repeated as necessary. Pharmacy installation begins at just $325. The reader unit is similarly priced for consumers at home. En-Vision America, Inc. is seeking Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement for the device.

Patients who desire ScripTalk Labels for their prescriptions should contact their local pharmacist. More information can be found at, or by contacting En-Vision America, Inc. at 800-890-1180.

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