Testimonials From ScriptAbility Users

“If it wasn’t for ScripTalk, I could not take my medications safely.
It keeps me from taking the wrong medication at the wrong time!”

Sandra L., Delaware, OH


“ScripTalk works flawlessly. It’s so convenient to use. I take a lot of medications and talking prescription labels are such a big help for me.
Using ScripTalk makes me feel independent!”

Betty G., Knoxville, TN


“ScripTalk is my current passion. I show it to every doctor I visit! I’m 82 years old and never took meds until a quadruple bypass in 2017. I now take several medications. With ScripTalk talking labels, I don’t have to rely on anybody, I can manage my own medications!”

Gil L., Evanston, IL


“I take 32 pills a day. ScripTalk is the most precious thing… I’m almost blind and I’ve not needed anybody’s help with taking my medications. It’s really helped me be independent. It’s wonderful! And the fact that they didn’t charge me for it is really terrific!!”

Sandy D., Markesan, WI


“I messed up taking two heart medications before I started using talking labels, and I felt terrible, really sick. Scriptalk is a godsend! The first time I used it, I just smiled so wide!”

Angela B, Columbus, OH


“ScripTalk is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! Talking labels are just wonderful for the blind. You can hear everything on your prescription label!”

Cynthia M., Pineville, LA


“I was so grateful to find ScripTalk! I don’t have to guess which medicine I’m taking.”

Treca Y., Yacolt, WA


“I’ve been blind since birth. I take 10 medications. I love this talking prescription reader device! I tell people everyday how great ScripTalk is!”

Peggy B., Pensacola, FL


“ScripTalk is a lifesaver! Not only for someone like me who is legally blind, but for anyone who can’t read their prescription labels. It gives me all of the information I need!”

Kim L., Warner Robins, GA


“Since I live alone, I’m most appreciative of the ScripTalk prescription reader’s value, for I have much difficulty in reading the prescription labels. The reader allows me to have more confidence in knowing that I have the information correct when I phone in a refill. The ScripTalk Reader is a valuable piece of equipment that allows us blind and visually impaired to have real accessibility. I sincerely want to thank En-Vision America for making such a wonderful and necessary product available!”

Lenard S., Tuscon, AZ


“I have 11 meds which I need to take every day, some of them once a day, some of them twice a day, some three times a day. I have to orient them in a drawer where the meds I take daily are in one section and the ones I take at night are in another section.

ScripTalk gives me certainty about the particular medicine that I’m taking. It’s an absolutely essential device for people who are visually impaired.”

Lafayette W. – Lithonia, GA


“For the first time since I lost my vision in 1985, I am able to independently review what RX I’m looking at and the detail that is given when the RX is read is incredible and puts me totally in control of managing my prescriptions without any sighted assistance!

Now, with ScripTalk, I now have the same freedom afforded to me when the first accessible blood glucose meter hit the market – I can manage my own RX without anyone’s help!”

Tom T.


“I am very pleased with ScripTalk. I went to my local physician and got a prescription and that came fairly quickly through Walmart mail order and I plunked my prescription down on the ScripTalk, turned it on and it told me who I was, what it was. Everything I needed to know. So it works perfectly fine. And I’m so pleased with it. Thank you, thank you very much for forging ahead with this fairly innovated thing.”

Sylvia S.


“I use ScripTalk because I am legally blind. I also have an adult daughter who is disabled and she does not read at all. I have to manage medications for both myself and her. I currently have three different medications between her and I. And one of those is accessible through ScripTalk which is fabulous for me because I know what the medication is, when it expires, when I need to renew, the side effects. Everything I need to know is on that label. However, the other medications I get, because my insurance company does not work with ScripTalk, the labels are not accessible. I have to be very careful with those medications to not confuse those. Obviously it’s dangerous for me to confuse her medication with mine.”

Kristina M.


“I’ve had my ScripTalk for 3 years. It is a wonderful product. I am very independent using that. I don’t have to worry about how to take my prescriptions, who prescribed it and when it expires. It is just wonderful. I love it. It is great. Thank you!”

Mattie H.


“I enjoy ScripTalk products. I don’t know what I would do without it. My family and friends can’t read to me anymore. It has become a necessity to me to have ScripTalk. I use the medicine reader and the barcode reader. If I didn’t have them I don’t know what I would do, because they read me everything. I would urge you if you are blind, even if you need a loan or a payment plan, to get these two products. It’s my eyes and if you don’t have eyes you can’t read. This is what ScripTalk has done for me. I can tell you that if I didn’t have them I would not be alive. They are reading to me. I am thankful for it and I want the world to know how your products have helped me. I have been using them for 3 years.”

Pat B.


“I happened to be in the right place at the right when my Walmart pharmacist asked if I knew about the Script Talk. I said no I hadn’t, so she came over to explain it. When I told her I would love one since I didn’t have to pay mega bucks for it she filled out the very simple application for me and I had the Script Talk delivered via mail within a week. Any scripts filled at the pharmacy with the ScripTalk label on the bottom of the bottle can be read at home. If I were still nursing I’d spread this information to all physicians, co-workers and patients I came in contact with. I’m thankful to God for allowing me to participate with a Walmart that is part of the pilot program!!!”



ScripTalk is fantastic!”

Karen B.


Read a testimonial by a happy ScripTalk Station customer – Howard Payne’s testimonial.


Before accessible prescription labels

“I take approximately six medications for my diabetes. Right now the best way that I can organize them is try to find them in different bottles of different shapes and sizes, but there’s only a limited amount you can do that. The problem is you can change all the bottle sizes and shapes but the pills are still the same, so it’s very confusing. I take Metformin and Gemfibrozil and they feel exactly the same. I took an overdose of my Metformin which caused some serious adverse reactions to the point I had to go to the hospital. It’s simply because the pills felt exactly the same and I couldn’t tell them apart. Now I have to keep them in a separate room so I know what medication is what, and so that does not happen again.

Having audible prescriptions would allow me not to overdose on a particular medication because I can’t feel the pill size. Being able to hear the warnings on the medications would be very important too. Right now when I get a medication from the pharmacy, they tell me what it is. However, because I take several different medications and can’t see the warnings, I don’t know what I can take with which medications, how much and when. It gets very confusing and it’s dangerous.”

Travis M. – Englewood, CO


“My name is Jerry [last name withheld] I live in Orlando, Florida. The way I organize my medications is to line them up on a counter. So many of them have got the same shape of bottle, and two or three medications, the pill itself looks exactly the same. I can’t tell the difference. I usually get a whole bunch of papers with my prescriptions, of course they’re in print, and it gives you how to take it, what’s in it, if there are any side effects, but I can’t read it.

ScripTalk, would be a tremendous help to me. All I would have to do would be to put the bottle on the machine and it would tell me what the label says. I would know what the medication is, what it’s for, when to take it, how to take it, the dose. It tells you everything. I think it would just be a tremendous help.”

Jerry H. – Orlando, FL


“My name is Nicole [last name withheld] from Forest Lake, Minnesota. The challenge for me is that there are several medications that look very similar. Oxycontin and Amitriptyline and Ambien feel very similar because they’re close in size and very close in shape. Even though I’m very good at telling them apart by shaking the bottles or trying to put on a Braille label, there are times when the Braille label falls off or shaking the bottle, or feeling the pill, doesn’t help and I still need to ask for help.

It’s even more challenging to tell Celebrex, which is 200 milligrams twice daily, and Lyrica, 150 milligrams twice daily, apart because they feel almost exactly alike as well. It’s very challenging because you don’t want to, for example, take an Ambien at 9:00 in the morning when you’re taking your Oxycontin for your pain because if you take the Ambien then you can fall asleep in class. It’s also dangerous to take an Ambien, not realize it, and start walking somewhere and, of course, then start to lose control of your consciousness.

It’s also dangerous to take Celebrex, or any anti-inflammatory, on an empty stomach, though it’s safe to do so with Lyrica. It would be very helpful to know for certain that what I have in my hand is a Celebrex, or what I have in my hand is Lyrica or Amitriptyline versus Oxycontin. It would be very helpful to have a talking prescription reader and be able to review the information about when to take it.”

Nicole C. – Forest Lake, MN


“I’m Joy [last name withheld] I’m from Reseda, California. Every once in a while tape comes off, rubber bands break. The label tape, which has my Braille names of the prescriptions on them, come off. That’s what happened three years ago with my two different types of insulin bottles. The rubber band broke on the long acting. I thought it was the short acting and for a whole month my blood sugars were off. I couldn’t figure out why I was constantly running too high, which causes complications later on. It wasn’t till I had a sighted friend come over, and I wanted to find out how low the bottle was. She looked and both of them, she said, had the same name. I’m like, “What?” That’s when I found out that I had mixed up the vials and was using the same type of insulin all day long. That wasn’t the appropriate dosage that the doctor had prescribed to me.

If I’d had had a prescription reader I would have verified it before I opened the sterilized caps that are on the vials of insulin. Hearing all the information would be like looking at it just like everybody else.”

Joy S. – Reseda, CA


“I have all of my medications delivered to me from my pharmacy and the delivery person doesn’t stick around to explain to me what’s what. I live by myself, so I have to have my family member, actually my mother, who lives about an hour away from me help me. My pills go to my mother and she separates them for me because she can read the bottles. Then she has to get the pills to me either by paying for transportation or overnighting it or bringing it to me herself, which isn’t very practical for her.

When it comes to my medications, I have absolutely no independence. ScripTalk would enable me to be completely independent, which I’m always striving for in all areas of my life, to be completely independent. That’s really one of the only ways that’s holding me back. It’s a big deal to not be able to do that on my own.”

David N.

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