Video Clips

  • Talking Prescriptions for People with Low Vision Now State Law in Nevada - ABC Channel 3 in Las Vegas covers the new law in Nevada mandating talking prescription readers. Read more 
  • Accessible Prescription Labels Featured on ABC30 Action News Fresno California - ScripTalk talking labels and Fresno Medical Center featured on ABC30 Action News
  • NBC 13 Gardendale, Alabama: Joe Otts - An NBC 13 Spirit of Alabama Report by anchor Mike Royer on Joe Otts, legally blind since 1998, and the i.d. mate II purchased for him by the State of Alabama blind division.
  • NBC 4 New York: ScripTalk - Dr. Max Gomez reports for NBC 4, New York, about talking labels and how the VA is using ScripTalk to help blind and visually-impaired veterans achieve independence in taking their medications safely.
  • NBC 4 San Antonio: ScripTalk - NBC 4 San Antonio’s Martha Trevino reports on how the Audie Murphy VA Hospital is beginning to use the ScripTalk audible label system to help blind and visually-impaired veterans take their medications independently and safely.
  • Fox 5 News: ScripTalk - In Washington, D.C., Fox 5’s Allison Seymour interviews John Fales of the Blinded American Veterans Foundation. The ScripTalk talking label system is highlighted as a solution for blind and visually-impaired individuals to handle their own medications safely and effectively.
  • ABC World News Homefront: Kenny Adams - ABC’s “The Homefront” explores the life of blinded veteran Kenny Adams and how assistive technology like his i.d. mate talking bar code scanner helps him overcome his disability.
  • i.d. mate on 9 News, Australia - Visual Independence announces the arrival of the i.d. mate talking bar code scanner for the Australian blind and low-visioned.
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