Purchase the newest product database for your i.d. mate 2 or Omni non-V3 (firmware less than 3.0).

Downloadable Update, Basic Database

  • Notice: This version of the database, version 2.5.26 (October 2019), requires that your bar code reader is either an i.d. mate II, or that it is an Omni with both of the following:

    • Version 2.3 or lower of the firmware. To determine your firmware version, turn on your Omni. After the intro, press and release the Mode and Record buttons simultaneously. If the firmware version is 2.3 or lower and you want to use the full database (includes extended information), you may send your Omni unit and your CompactFlash card to us at En-Vision America for a V3 upgrade. Please call us at 800-890-1180 to learn about your upgrade needs, cost, and to get an RMA number before sending your Omni in.
    • 512 megabyte or larger CompactFlash card.

    After ordering and then downloading the database file, you will need a CompactFlash card reader (not included) for your PC.

    To update your database, simply replace the BARCODES.DAT file in the root of your device’s memory card with the one downloaded from the store.

    A new product database comes out twice per year, typically in April and October. Please consider the timing of an order for this version of the database.


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