Purchase Lifetime Updates for your i.d. mate and all future database updates for it are FREE!

Lifetime Database Updates

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  • For the first time, you can make a single purchase to be eligible for lifetime product database updates for your i.d. mate! Before clicking the Add to Cart button below, please select from the drop down if you’d like to be notified about future updates via email, phone, both, or not at all. During your checkout, please be sure to include the i.d. mate owner’s name and the associated serial number, if known, in the box provided.

    To learn your Omni’s serial number, remove the battery cover and scan the bar code on it. Summit users will need to remove their unit’s rubber enclosure first (squeeze it out through the scanner end), then remove the battery cover and scan the bar code on it. Quest users can go to System Mode, then, using the Next or Previous button, navigate until you hear the software version, which will be followed by the dictionary version, then the serial number.

    Note: This Lifetime Database Update purchase is valid for the specified i.d. mate serial number and the current owner. It is non-transferable to another person or another device.