Purchase the newest product database for your i.d. mate Omni non-V3 (firmware less than 3.0) or Summit. It will be mailed to you, or you may send your memory card to En-Vision to perform the update.

Mailed Update, Basic Database

  • Notice: This version of the database requires that your bar code reader is either an i.d. mate II, or that it is an Omni with the following:

    • 512 megabyte or larger CompactFlash card.

    After receiving your database CD, you will need a CompactFlash card reader (not included) for your PC. Simply replace the BARCODES.DAT file in the root of your device’s CompactFlash card with the one on the CD.

    A new product database comes out twice per year, typically in April and October. Please consider the timing of an order for this version of the database.