Purchase the newest product database for your i.d. mate Omni V3 or Summit. It will be mailed to you, or you may send your memory card to En-Vision to perform the update.

Mailed Update, Full Database

  • Notice: This version of the database requires that your bar code reader is either an i.d. mate Galaxy, Quest, Summit, or that it is an i.d. mate Omni with the following:


    • A 2 gigabyte CompactFlash card.

    After receiving your database CD, you will need a card reader (not included) for your PC appropriate to your i.d. mate model. The Omni uses a CompactFlash card, and the Summit uses an SD card. The Galaxy and Quest can be connected to your PC via USB cable (Male A to mini B). To update your database, simply replace the BARCODES.DAT file in the root of your device’s memory with the one downloaded from the store.

    You may also receive your database update already on a new SD memory card that can be inserted right into your i.d. mate Summit (not available for Omni). In order to use your current custom voice recordings, they will need to be transferred from your current memory card to your new card. You will need a card reader (not included) connected to your PC to accomplish this (see above).

    A new product database comes out twice per year, typically in April and October. Please consider the timing of an order for this version of the database.