How to Update your ID Mate Database from Download Link

Step 1: Click on the link provided or copy and paste it into your browser address bar. Due to the large file size, it may take your browser several minutes to pop up the save dialog box. If the download or save dialog box does not appear check your screen reader and firewall settings or try a different web browser. If you are unable to download the file you may call En-Vision America and request the file be sent to you on a DVD-ROM.

Step 2: In the save dialog box DO NOT OPEN the file. Choose “Save As” and indicate where you would like the file to be saved. We recommend saving it somewhere on your computer (not directly onto the card.) Depending on your internet speed it may take up to an hour for the file to download and save.

Step 3: Connect your device or memory card. See below for details depending on your model. It is always recommended to make a backup of all the files and folders on your memory card before performing the database upgrade.

Step 4: Copy the new file BARCODES.DAT (ctrl + c) from your hard drive and paste/replace (ctrl + v) this file into your I.D. Mate’s memory. You may be prompted ‘There is not enough space on your removable drive’ in which case you will need to delete the old file BARCODES.DAT and perform the copy/paste again. Otherwise you will be notified that there is already a file with this name. You will want to choose ‘Copy & Replace.’ This is a large file and may take 10 or more minutes to upload to your device.

Step 5: Safe Eject your memory card/USB cord from your computer. Reinsert card into device.

Step 6: Reboot your device before use.

Model Specific Helps:

i.d. mate Omni V3: Eject the compact flash card from the side of the Omni. Use a compact flash card reader connected to a PC to replace BARCODES.DAT in the root of the card. Be sure the bump on the card is facing away from the keypad when reinserting it in the Omni.

i.d. mate Summit: Eject the SD card from the side of the Summit. Use an SD card reader connected to a PC to replace BARCODES.DAT in the root of the card. The SD card can only be reinserted in the Summit one way.

i.d. mate Quest & Galaxy: Power on your ID Mate. Connect a USB cable (Male A to mini B) between the ID Mate and your PC. The device memory card should show up as a removable disk under My Computer (Windows XP) or Computer (Windows Vista, 7, 8). Replace the BARCODES.DAT file in the root of the memory card. Please note: Quest and Galaxy are capable of downloading the database directly if you are connected to a wireless network. In System Mode, go to, Database Update, and follow the prompts to update your database.

For technical support please call: 800-890-1180.

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