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Talking Prescription Reader Law Helps Low Vision Residents



A recent law in Nevada aims to help low vision, print impaired and elderly residents safely manage their medications. Nevada SB 131 mandates that all retail pharmacies offer free prescription readers (or information on how to get one) that read aloud all of the information on the printed label. The readers work with special talking labels provided by a pharmacist at no charge. Large print and Braille labels are options as well.

ScripTalk prescription reader and medication bottle with talking label

ScripTalk Talking Labels and Prescription Readers

How do I get a prescription reader?

Request a free prescription reader from your pharmacist. A reader or information on how to get one should be provided. 

What do I do if my pharmacist doesn’t offer or know about talking prescription readers?

Call us. We work with pharmacies and can help you get a prescription reader and talking labels. There is no charge for this service.

Call 1-800-890-1180 for more information and assistance today!

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Learn how you can utilize Nevada’s success as a road map for enacting legislation in your state:

watch the SB131 Steps to Success video!

Read the Nevada Senate Bill 

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