ScripTalk Brings a New Voice to Pharmacy

Pharmacist iconOver 34 million Americans suffer from (severe) visual impairments that cannot be corrected with glasses. Blind & visually-impaired pharmacy customers face unique difficulties in their attempt to access detailed, complex, yet essential prescription information. Similarities in container and drug sizes and shapes, multiple prescriptions, and generic drug substitutions compound these problems. This scenario sets the stage for patient drug errors which range from simple miscommunications to life-threatening or fatal results.

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The ScripTalk Station is a low-impact, low-cost system that utilizes text-to-speech and RFID technologies to provide visually impaired pharmacy customers the ability to hear their prescription information. A Talking Label is securely affixed to any type of prescription medication container. Software allows pharmacists to program prescription medication information from their computer system via USB or serial cable connection.

Pharmacist holding a ScripTalk Station reader and Talking BottleAt home, the patient uses a table top reader, which decodes the label information to hear spoken medication information such as patient name, drug name and dosage, instructions, warnings and cautions, prescription number, pharmacy name and phone number, prescribing doctor, and patient education monographs. Using the device’s simple and intuitive interface, the information is easily repeatable. And, ScripTalk Station is available in multiple languages.

In addition to visually impaired, ScripTalk Station is just as valuable to those that are otherwise print impaired. Mildly dyslexic and illiterate customers would benefit immensely from a talking version of the prescription labels. With ScripTalk, there is no need for the customer to rely upon their memory or anyone else. It’s all there in voice!

Pharmacist using computerThe development of ScripTalk Station has now made it possible for pharmacies to effectively communicate pertinent information to their customers with minimal difficulty and expense and with insignificant alteration of the essential nature of pharmacy operations. ScripTalk software is compatible with all types of pharmacy systems and third party software.

Please contact En-Vision America for more information about ScripTalk Station and how you can increase and better serve your customer base.

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