ScripTalk iOS App Set for 2018 Launch

En-Vision America has spent the last year developing an iOS app for its ScripTalk product since Apple made NFC available in iOS 11.

Once the ScripTalk app is downloaded and opened, Apple iPhone users will be able to use their phone as an audible prescription reader. The user simply places a prescription container with a special ScripTalk label on the phone and the app will read all of the information on the printed label. Users can scroll through the label data to get to specific information, just like they can with the conventional ScripTalk Station prescription reader.

The ScripTalk app works with ScripTalk prescription labels, which utilize RFID technology (radio frequency identification) and NFC (near-field communication) to store and transmit all of the information on a printed medication label. These special labels can be obtained from a participating pharmacy, at no extra charge.

Anyone who would like talking prescription labels can request them from a participating pharmacy. Find a pharmacy in your area or call En-Vision America for assistance in getting free talking prescription labels, 1-800-890-1180. Large print and Braille labels are also available.

The ScripTalk iOS app was scheduled to be released earlier this year, but is still in beta testing. The app will work with iOS 11 and above. An Android version of ScripTalk is available online. Further announcements to come.

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