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St. Matthews Community Pharmacy in Louisville, KY offers ScripTalk and ScripView Labels

Louisville, KY – (April 3, 2014) St. Matthews Community Pharmacy is now offering two solutions for persons who cannot read the print on their prescription drug container labels.  Often those who are visually impaired, elderly, or have other print-impaired disabilities find their independence and safety endangered by inadvertently taking the wrong medication, the wrong amount or under the wrong instructions because they cannot read the label.  Patients can receive either ScripTalk audible labels or ScripView large print labels based on their need.

ScripTalk is an audible prescription reader.  The ScripTalk label is embedded with a microchip and is programmed with all the printed label data. The patient places the container onto a small hand-held reader, and with the press of a button, is able to listen to the information including patient name, drug name and instructions, pharmacy contact information, warnings and more. Deaf-Blind users can request ScripTalk User software to export text to their Braille browser display.

ScripView is a large-print, booklet-style label attached to the prescription container. It provides easy access to the prescription label for those with low vision. The label contains all the same information as the pharmacy’s regular label, but in large print, as well as a 2D barcode that can be scanned by an iOS device for an audible version using the ScripView app.

The ScripTalk service is free.  To receive ScripTalk or ScripView prescriptions customers should contact St. Matthews Community Pharmacy at 502-690-4462.  For those who cannot drive or live outside the Louisville area but would still like ScripTalk, St. Matthews offers delivery and mailing of prescriptions within Kentucky.  St. Matthews Community Pharmacy is one of only two pharmacies in Kentucky offering ScripTalk at this time.

About St. Matthews Community Pharmacy: St. Matthews Community Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy. Their focus is to provide patients and providers superior pharmaceutical care, focusing on the individual needs of those they serve.  It is their mission to help you prevent and control chronic health conditions by working collaboratively with your provider to achieve the highest quality of care. Through the use of innovative services and emphasis on wellness and integrative pharmacy, they will improve your pharmacy experience.  Their pharmacists are at the forefront of patient care, and they are more involved in your care than you would typically expect from your community pharmacist.

St. Matthews Community Pharmacy offers other services including medication compounding, medication packaging/organization, medication therapy management, and immunizations. They accept most major commercial insurance plans, Medicare Part D, and Kentucky Medicaid.

Their second location is Commons Community Pharmacy located in Norton Commons.

About En-Vision America: En-Vision America, Inc. is provides products aimed at solving problems for those with visual impairments.  Founded by Philip C. and David B. Raistrick in 1996, they began by inventing products to help blind family members.  The cornerstone of the company is to provide customers with greater independence through technology.  For more information about ScripAbility products or to find out if there is another pharmacy located near you or a loved one contact En-Vision America at 309-452-3088 or visit

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