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Newest Database Versions

North American, ver. 6.10.0 (April 2020; 1.33GB)
North American, ver. 2.5.27 for ID Mate 2 (April 2020; 353 MB)
Australian, ver. 6.10.2 (April 2020; 1.62GB)
Australian, ver. 6.10.3 For ID MATE 2 (April 2020; 468 MB)
European, ver. 6.10.4 (April 2020; 559MB )
European, ver. 6.10.5 for ID Mate 2 (April 2020; 202 MB )

If you are eligible to receive a free database update, please call us at 800-890-1180 if any of the following apply:

  • You do not know the i.d. mate’s serial number.
  • You do not know the owner’s name.
  • You would like to send your memory card (or unit) to us and we will perform the update.
  • You would like the update for your Summit and want it sent to you on a new SD card. A $13.00 charge will apply.

We will assist you over the phone in confirming and providing your free update.

You may fill out and submit the form below if all of the following apply:

  • You own an i.d. mate Quest, an i.d. mate Summit under warranty, or have otherwise purchased Lifetime Updates for your i.d. mate.
  • You know the unit’s serial number (read below for tips on finding it).
    • Omni – Remove the battery cover and scan the bar code on it.
    • Summit – Remove the unit’s rubber enclosure first (squeeze it out through the scanner end), then remove the battery cover, and scan the bar code on it.
    • Quest – Go to System Mode, then, using the Next or Previous button, navigate until you hear the software version, which will be followed by the dictionary version, then the serial number.
  • You know the owner’s name.
  • You would like the update either as a download or mailed on a DVD.
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Select the region and database version needed below. The basic database is for i.d. mate 2 users and Omni users with firmware less than version 3.0. All others may select the full database.

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