ScripTalk Printer Model 220-SN Support

ScripTalk Printer, Model 220-SN

220-SN User Guide

Download the ScripTalk Printer 220-SN Manual (pdf PDF: 2MB)

220-SN Regulatory Compliance

Download the ScripTalk Printer 220-SN Regulatory Compliance Document (pdf PDF: 400KB)

Reset & Reinitialize Procedure

If the printer is outputting labels with misaligned, light, smeared, garbled, or no print, perform the following steps:

  1. The printer should be OFF and the cover CLOSED.
  2. Press and hold FEED/LINE.
  3. Press and release POWER.
  4. Release FEED/LINE when LED is B-L-I-N-K-I-N-G GREEN.
  5. Wait at least 5 seconds.
  6. Press FEED/LINE twice. LED will be B-L-I-N-K-I-N-G RED.
  7. Press and hold FEED/LINE until the LED turns off, then release.
  8. The LED will come back on SOLID GREEN.
  9. Turn the POWER off, then back on.
  10. When the LED is SOLID GREEN, you are ready to print.
  11. DO NOT issue Reinitialize command from Vista menu! This will cause misalignment of the label.

Flashing Red Light

If your printer has a flashing red light, open the printer and check to ensure that your labels are installed correctly. In particular, be sure the labels pass under the left and right media guides (see pic below).
220-SN media guides

Contact Options

  • Toll-free ScripTalk Printer Support: 800-890-1180
  • Use our contact page to email Printer Support
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