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Why won’t my Omni batteries hold a charge?

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The two most likely possibilities are A) the batteries haven’t been charged enough and may simply need to be put through one or more extra charging cycles, or B) the energy-storing chemicals in the batteries have degraded due to age, or use, or a combination of both, and the battery pack needs to be replaced.

    First, make sure you are familiar with the unit’s ability to tell you the battery charge level. You can check this by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the charging adapter is not plugged into the unit, as it will cause the unit to report an inaccurately high number.
  2. Turn the unit on.
  3. From ID Mode and while the scanner motor is running, press and release the Mode and Erase buttons.
  4. The number given will likely be somewhere between 105 and about 140.
  5. Note: Warning messages begin in the low to mid 110’s.
  6. Note: Wait about a minute or so after unplugging a unit from the charging adapter to check the battery level. This will provide a more accurate reading.
    Understanding the charging process will help you achieve a full charge before using the unit. When the unit is plugged in, it will automatically stop charging for one of two reasons, whichever comes first, to protect from over-charging:

  1. After 2 hours, the unit automatically stops charging.
  2. The unit also monitors how much energy the batteries are accepting, and when this amount levels off to a certain point, the unit stops charging.

It is best to charge your batteries when they are within a range of about 115 to 120. And depending on their age, you may need to put the unit through more than one charging cycle to get to a full charge. To start a new charging cycle, simply unplug your ID Mate from the charging adapter and plug it back in. A full charge is considered to be in the mid to high 130’s.

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