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Talking Prescriptions for People with Low Vision Now State Law in Nevada

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

ABC Channel 3 in Las Vegas covers the new law in Nevada mandating talking prescription readers. Read more 


Nevada SB 131 Accessible Labels Bill Needs Final Push to Pass Assembly Vote

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

A final push is needed by Nevada citizens to help pass SB 131, a bill that would make accessible prescriptions widely available to blind, visually impaired and print impaired people. People who live in Nevada are being asked to call their legislators now. See message from Rick Kuhlmey, Nevada Council of the Blind: 

May 10, 2017

Hello dear fellow members of the Nevada Council of the Blind,

Thank you for all the wonderful work you did to help SB 131 move along through the Nevada Assembly Committee on Health and Human Services.  SB 131 was voted out of the Committee this afternoon during a ‘work session’ with a unanimous “Do Pass” recommendation to the Assembly as a whole.  The Bill now is waiting for the Assembly to vote on it.  

We need you to call and write them and ask them to please vote for SB 131.  

This time the way in which we can contact them will be different.    There are forty-two members of the Assembly.  It is not practical for you to write a letter or enter all their names and e-mail addresses into your communication devices to reach out to each of them individually.    

The best way for all of us to touch them now is to call.

When you call the operator will assist you by taking your message.  You can send the message to all the Assembly members at one time.

It is always a good idea to let the Assembly person in whose District you live know what you are interested in and how you want them to vote.  If you do not know who your Assembly Representative is the operator can assist you to find out when you call.  The operator can then transfer you to your Assemblypersons office to leave a message telling them you are their Constituent and ask for them to vote for SB 131.    

Please do this immediately as there could be a vote on the Assembly floor as soon as this Friday.  

The “Prescription Readers” are badly needed to enable those who cannot read the prescription labels to have the label read so they know which medication they are taking.  Most of us have heard how dangerous it is to take the wrong medications.  It is time to put a stop to putting the blind in the hospital or worse.  A simple “Prescription Reader” is all that is needed.  This Bill will take us one step closer to providing them.  

Here are the telephone numbers to call them to leave a message:

From Northern Nevada 1-775-684-6800
From Southern Nevada 1-702-486-2626
Toll Free 1-800-978-2878
Toll Free Fax 1-866-543-9941



                                      (Legislators Name here)

Nevada Legislature

401 S. Carson Street

Carson City, NV 89701-4747
Thank you for your anticipated assistance.  Your voice is important.


Rick Kuhlmey


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