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U.S. Senate Pays Special Attention to Talking Prescription Labels

Normal, IL (May 7, 2001) – The U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging took a closer look last week at ways to reduce medical errors by applying new and creative technologies. The hearing, entitled “Technology and Prescription Drug Safety” featured a demonstration of the newly developed ScripTalk Talking Prescription System. The ScripTalk System includes a special label containing an embedded microchip. This “smart label” is printed and programmed by the Pharmacy’s computer system and contains all the prescription label information. At home, the patient uses a handheld ScripTalk Reader that speaks the pertinent prescription information such as: patient’s name, drug name and strength, directions for use, along with special warnings. The ScripTalk Talking Prescription Label System has been developed to enhance the medication safety of the millions of Americans who have difficulty reading or understanding the instructions and warnings that appear on their prescription labels.

“Currently, there are over 120 million Americans who have difficulty reading or understanding the instructions of their prescription medications,” stated Pete Klein, R.Ph., Vice President of Business Development for En-Vision America. “The small print and look-alike packaging of medicine vials can lead to confusion, non-compliance, and ingestion errors. The repercussions of such adverse events are immense and increase healthcare costs through additional hospitalizations, doctor office visits and changes to or addition of drug therapies.”

Senator Larry Craig (R-Or), Chairman of the Committee said that the issue is particularly important to senior citizens because many seniors take several medications daily. “Each year thousands of people are injured or die due to medical mistakes, including prescription drug errors, that could be prevented. I believe applying new technology is part of the solution. It can save lives,” Craig said. “I will continue to encourage investment and development of the kinds of technology demonstrated today and hope to see these devices used around the nation.”

Senator John Breaux (D-La), Ranking Committee Member commented, “New technologies like these help prevent us from short-circuiting our seniors.”

The Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing comes at the conclusion of a successful clinical trial of the ScripTalk system with the U.S. Veterans Administration. The VA is currently making plans to implement this technology into their pharmacy delivery system and providing the readers to qualified veterans.

About En-Vision America and ScripTalk: Located in Normal, IL, En-Vision America has been developing products for the visually impaired and seniors since 1995. In addition to the ScripTalk product, the privately held company markets “i.d. mate OMNI”, a talking bar code identification system. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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