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What are the differences between Quest and Galaxy?

There are a number of differences between the i.d. mate Quest and i.d. mate Galaxy.

    • The Quest retains the cowbell look from the Summit line whereas the Galaxy has a new, more ergonomic “wand” design.
    •The Quest power adapter has 1 small tactile bump. The Galaxy uses a USB cable along with an AC adapter. There is also a barcode label on each of these adapters that can be scanned with the i.d mate to identify them.
    • The Quest supports manually connecting to a single Wi-Fi network but the Galaxy supports automatic connectivity to multiple networks seamlessly.
    • The Galaxy also has a larger window for improved scanning range.
    • The Micro SD card is also more accessible through the Galaxy since you can access it at the handle. To access the microSD card of a Quest, you need to remove the rubber sleeve and access it on the side of the device.
    • The Galaxy streamlines charging and syncing through the Mini-USB port whereas the Quest has a dedicated AC Adapter to charge and a separate Mini-USB port to sync data.
    • Wi-Fi Hotspot connectivity is limited to Android phones for the Quest whereas the Galaxy can utilize Android and iOS / iPhone Hotspot connectivity.
    • Galaxy has twice the battery capacity compared to Quest.
    • Galaxy added an Online Price Check Mode.
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