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Why am I unable to connect my Quest or Galaxy to my Wi-Fi network?

The i.d. mate Quest and i.d. mate Galaxy are designed to connect to a wireless network and save each configuration as long as the network is within range. If you try to connect to a previously connected network but are unable to, due to a weak or non-existent signal, the device resets the Wi-Fi configuration file and you will need to reconnect and re-input your password again.
If a connection is intermittent, you can troubleshoot the following:

  1. Power-Cycle your Networking Equipment.
    1. a.) Disconnect the power source to your networking equipment from 30 seconds to 1 minute, allows the equipment to restart and re-sync your network.

      b.) After reconnecting the power to your networking devices, wait 2-3 minutes to allow your network devices to complete re-sync.

      c.) In Quest or Galaxy, go into your System > Wireless Settings > Wi-Fi Settings to locate your network and try to connect.

  2. Factory Reset Settings
    • a.) In Quest only, a factory reset not only reverts system settings back to factory defaults but it will also clear and restart the Wi-Fi functionality. Go to System > Factory Reset Settings Mode.
  3. Reset Wi-Fi Settings
    • a.) In Galaxy only, resetting your Wi-Fi settings will clear your Wi-Fi configuration file of its existing data. This is particularly useful if you’ve recently changed equipment and have retained the network name or SSiD on your wireless networks. Go to System > Wireless Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Reset Wi-Fi.

If you are still unable to connect, please contact our technical support team, 1(800)890-1180.

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