All hands in for Medication Safety for the Blind

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Helping People who are Blind, Visually or Print Impaired

Whether you’re visually impaired, a caretaker of someone who’s blind or elderly, a medical professional, work for a support agency, or are simply passionate about helping others, you can become an advocate!

Why is Advocacy Important?

Advocacy is an incredibly valuable tool for spreading awareness and reaching folks with a visual or print impairment. By talking about accessible technology, particularly accessible prescription labels, you are helping to get the message and technology to people who might otherwise never realize that they have options for living safely and independently.

Why Advocate for Accessible Prescription Labels in Particular?

People who cannot clearly read their prescription labels are at risk for medication errors, and sometimes even death. Accessible labels are widely available at no additional charge at many pharmacies, and yet many people do not know about these options. By spreading the word about these labels, you’re campaigning for the safety of people who are visually and print impaired. You are advocating to save lives.

What are Some Ways I can Advocate?

Learn about accessible prescription labels, and spread the word with your circle… it’s that simple!

  • Request an info pack (use form below for info pack and demo requests.)
  • Request a demo ScripTalk Station talking prescription reader (provided on loan) to show people how large print, Braille and talking labels work.
  • Turn your mobile phone into a talking prescription reader! Request a demo ScripTalk app bottle and use with the ScripTalk app  (App is available for Android phones in GooglePlay; the iOS version will be released in the App Store soon.)
  • Tell your circle of family, friends, neighbors, clients and community about accessible prescription labels and demonstrate how they work.
  • Participate in MSAB month every October!

By advocating for people who are blind, visually or print impaired, you’re helping to transform lives. Thank you!

Advocate Info Pack for Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind

Advocate info pack can include (from left to right) NCD brochure, MSAB flyer, ScripTalk, ScriptView and Braille rack cards, ScripTalk Station demo unit, sample bottle with talking, large print and Braille labels, and ScripTalk app demo bottle.

Advocate Info Pack Form/Demo Request


Organization Name




Brochure: National Council on Disability NCD Best Practices Prescription Drug Labeling

Fact Sheet: Accessible Prescription Drug Labeling Fact Sheet

Flyer: Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind MSAB campaign flyer

Video: Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind advocate video


Some Background Information and Accessibility Laws:

ADA and Effective Communication

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

United States Access Board Best Practices 

Nevada SB 131

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