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Veterans Affairs Pharmacy Support

Need to Place an Order?

As of November 8, 2022, VA orders for ScripTalk items should be placed with sole source contract #36C10G23D0010.

Need Prices?

You can request pricing information from our contact page, or call us at 1-800-890-1180. Please note that we will only email pricing information to a address. Be sure to include the VA location that the potential order would be for.


Introducing the New ST400 ScripTalk Printer


En-Vision America is proud to introduce the ST400 ScripTalk Printer, which exceeds expectations of performance and dependability within our ScripTalk applications. This model replaces the discontinued 220-SN ScripTalk PrinterEnhancements include:

  • Touch Screen for Easy Use

  • User-Friendly Navigation

  • Easy LAN Setup for Static IP Address

  • Network Compatible

  • Compatible with Current ScripTalk Labels

  • Fully Tested in a VA Environment

220-SN ScripTalk Printer (discontinued)



The 220-SN ScripTalk Printer has been discontinued as of November 7, 2022.


Support for this printer will be available for two (2) years through November 7, 2024.

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