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ScripTalk Testimonials

ScripTalk makes a difference and improves medication safety and independence of individuals who are visually impaired every day. Don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few testimonials about the power of this service. 


“I messed up taking two heart medications before I started using talking labels, and I felt terrible, really sick. Scriptalk is a godsend! The first time I used it, I just smiled so wide!”

— Angela B., Columbus, OH

“I had been begging the pharmacies I deal with to do SOMETHING to help me read MY prescription labels. I have asked one Corporate office (CVS) to put SCRIPTALK into their Retail pharmacies just like they had in their mail-order arm Caremark had, but to avail.

When I found WAL-MART was willing to do this for me, I SWITCHED TO THEIR PHARMACY for my prescription needs.

Thank you ScripTalk!”

— Brad H. of O’Fallon, MO.

“I take 32 pills a day. ScripTalk is the most precious thing… I’m almost blind and I’ve not needed anybody’s help with taking my medications. It’s really helped me be independent. It’s wonderful!


And the fact that they didn’t charge me for it is really terrific!!”

— Sandy D., Markesan, WI

“I have twice taken prescriptions wrong. I didn’t remember it had changed. My husband is really good about telling me things, but he isn’t always here. It created a bit of a problem. I took too much or not enough.

“ScripTalk helps me to take my medicine properly and keep my independence so I don’t have on rely on someone else to read my medication for me. I can rely on my other senses. This is better than Christmas. My husband gave me some jewelry for Christmas but I can’t see it as well as I can hear what’s in the bottle."

Carol C., Green Bay, WI

 “I’ve always had trouble reading prescriptions. My husband doesn’t have to read bottles to me anymore. I don’t make any mistakes now. It’s wonderful. All my life, someone had to tell me how much to take. If I have to use a magnifying glass … by the time I get through it, I’ll forget.

“When you put the bottle down there (on a ScripTalk reader) it’ll tell you everything about your medication. Whoever invented this is a genius. I’m always looking for something new to help.”

— Nancy H., Imperial Beach, California

“Before I used ScripTalk … I had to wait for somebody to look at the bottle for me and help me get them sorted out. I had a big tool box out by my chair in garage. I put a different pill bottle in a different drawer and memorized where they were. Then I found out about ScripTalk.

The best thing about it is that it tells you what prescription it is and it tells you the side effects and who the issuing physician is. You don’t have to sit and wonder. I went back and got some of my medicine out to refresh my memory on side effects. I was having some problems and wondered if the medicine could be part of the problems.

Talk to your pharmacy. It’s a real blessing. You just don’t know how hard it is to be a situation where you can’t read. Everybody seems to take it for granted for what they have. ScriptTalk helps us be a little more independent. I can talk to you all day long about this little machine. I brag to all my friends.”


— William M., Buckatunna, MS

“I’ve been blind since birth. I take 10 medications.


I love this talking prescription reader device!


I tell people everyday how great ScripTalk is!”

— Peggy B., Pensacola, FL

“I take approximately six medications for my diabetes. Right now the best way that I can organize them is try to find them in different bottles of different shapes and sizes, but there’s only a limited amount you can do that. The problem is you can change all the bottle sizes and shapes but the pills are still the same, so it’s very confusing.

I take Metformin and Gemfibrozil and they feel exactly the same. I took an overdose of my Metformin which caused some serious adverse reactions to the point I had to go to the hospital. It’s simply because the pills felt exactly the same and I couldn’t tell them apart. Now I have to keep them in a separate room so I know what medication is what, and so that does not happen again.

Having audible prescriptions would allow me not to overdose on a particular medication because I can’t feel the pill size. Being able to hear the warnings on the medications would be very important too. Right now when I get a medication from the pharmacy, they tell me what it is. However, because I take several different medications and can’t see the warnings, I don’t know what I can take with which medications, how much and when. It gets very confusing and it’s dangerous.”

— Travis M., Englewood, CO

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