Free Update Request Form

If you are eligible to receive a free database update, please call us at 800-890-1180 if any of the following apply:

  • You do not know the i.d. mate’s serial number.

  • You do not know the owner’s name.

  • You would like to send your memory card (or unit) to us and we will perform the update.

  • You would like the update for your Summit and want it sent to you on a new SD card. A $13.00 charge will apply.

We will assist you over the phone in confirming and providing your free update.

Newest Database Versions

North American, ver. 6.11.0 (October 2020; 1.36 GB)
North American, ver. 2.5.27 for ID Mate 2 (October 2020; 363 MB)
Australian, ver. 6.11.2 (October 2020; 1.66 GB)
Australian, ver. 6.11.3 For ID MATE 2 (October 2020; 478 MB)
European, ver. 6.11.4 (October 2020; 666 MB)
European, ver. 6.11.5 for ID Mate 2 (October 2020; 282 MB)

Trader Joe v4.20 for Quest/Galaxy (November 2020; 800 KB)

Trader Joe v3.20 for Summit (November 2020; 971 KB)

Trader Joe v.2.20 for IDM2 (November 2020; 1.08 MB)

North American, ver. 6.11.1 with Scentsy (October 2020; 1.36 GB)

You may submit an email request if all of the following apply:

  • You own an i.d. mate Quest, an i.d. mate Summit under warranty, or have otherwise purchased Lifetime Updates for your i.d. mate.

  • You know the unit’s serial number (read below for tips on finding it).

    • Omni – Remove the battery cover and scan the bar code on it.

    • Summit – Remove the unit’s rubber enclosure first (squeeze it out through the scanner end), then remove the battery cover, and scan the bar code on it.

    • Quest – Go to System Mode, then, using the Next or Previous button, navigate until you hear the software version, which will be followed by the dictionary version, then the serial number.

  • You know the owner’s name.

  • You would like the update either as a download or mailed on a DVD.

Please include the following information in your email request:

  • Owner's Name

  • Serial Number & Model

  • Region / Continent