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i.d. mate Galaxy Scanning Warehouse Inventory

The same technology that retailers rely on to track inventory and pricing at the point of sale can be used by the visually impaired to create an accessible office, retail or home business.

Improve Productivity by Using the i.d. mate for Your Business Needs

For visually impaired who want to independently own and operate a business, the i.d. mate Galaxy talking barcode scanner by En-Vision America can help identify products, keep inventory, track pricing, keep notes and create filing systems. Even products and files without a manufacturer barcode can be labeled with unique alpha-numeric barcode stickers and programmed into the device. Digital memo recording features can be used to keep track of notes, to-do lists, passwords, bus schedules and more.


In an office setting, an i.d. mate Galaxy can be used to identify file folders, documents, notes and office supplies. A barcode label on a sticky note can be used over and over again to keep track of the identity and status of a document. With a little creativity even mailboxes and offices can be easily labeled and identified using the technology.

The unique Inventory Mode feature of the i.d. mate enables the user to interact with inventory data in two ways: either by electronically uploading a text file or manually scanning and audio recording items. Quantities can be added or subtracted or the whole list can be browsed with just a scan and few button presses. Additionally, users can create their own barcode databases to supplement the onboard database of over 3 million UPC/GTIN codes.

Attorneys, carpenters, vending and snack shop owners, jewelers, Scentsy representatives and food service workers are all using i.d. mate Galaxy as a critical tool in their day-to-day business operations.

Find out more about how the i.d. mate Galaxy can help the visually impaired by calling us at 1-800-890-1180.

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