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How Does ScripTalk Work?

A pharmacist programs a small electronic label with all your prescription information, including drug name, dosage, instructions, warnings, pharmacy information, doctor name, prescription number, date and more. The tag relies on RFID and text-to-speech technology.


The pharmacist places the tag on your prescription medication and you can use a free mobile ScripTalk App to hear all the information read out loud. Simply download the App from the App Store or Google Play, click the “scan” button and hold the bottle up to either the front of the screen (iPhones) or back of the phone case near the camera (Androids). Click here to see how the App works.

Alternatively, the patient can use a ScripTalk Station, which is about the size of an old, portable CD player or phone message machine. Simply place the pill bottle on the machine and press the “Read” button. The two triangle buttons on either side of the oval read button can be used to jump forward or back through the prescription information. There is small wheel on the right side of the machine which can be moved to turn the machine on and turn up the volume.

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