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i.d. mate Quest ChangeLog

We have listened to your feedback and have made the following improvements:

Version 2.8.0

  1. Fixed “Upload Log File” & “Share Scanned Barcodes” features to allow proper communication with our updated server location. Unexpected errors may occur for User’s who do not update to this new software by July 1st, 2020.

Version 2.7.0

  1. Added speed utility in System Mode, under System Information.

  2. Fixed automatic Date and Time issue when setting to your current location.

  3. Also included in this release are other general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 2.6.0

  1. Support for I-Phone hotspot connection.

  2. Date and time settings, changed the default time zone from Central to Eastern time zone.

  3. Added functionality to set the device Date & Time based on your current IP address.

  4. Announce the Wi-Fi strength as Excellent, Very Good, Average, Fair and Poor.

  5. Support HTTPS online requests.

  6. Fix for system Level Interruptions. New sounds added for Wi-Fi connect and disconnect.

  7. Support for Wi-Fi Auto Connect feature.

  8. Added EVA Online Database – Barcode information found online is uploaded to the new EVA Online Database. Then if a barcode is scanned and not found in the main barcodes.dat file, Galaxy will search online to this database first before searching other online sources.

Version 2.5.0

  1. Optimization in I D Mode and Scan History Mode.

  2. Support to scan nearby Wi-Fi devices in background when Wi-Fi is enabled.

  3. Log file size is limited to 1 Megabyte.

  4. Battery capacity reset performed on factory reset.

  5. Fix text to speech and voice speed issues.

Version 2.3.0

  1. Restrict online search for alphanumeric barcodes.

  2. Cancel the online search operation when pressed erase button.

Version 2.2.0

  1. Expanded Wi-Fi configuration for Nan-no Routers. Any future Nano routers issued will be programmed with the SSID name of “envision-america”.

  2. Removed support for Currency Mode.

Version 2.1.0

  1. This release modifies Manual or Automatic, Date and Time System settings, by providing the Real Time Clock as the main time keeper of the device.

  2. Multiple Inventory files. This fix allows initial inventory file selected to work even after device wakes from sleep and remain selected until you cycle through the modes back to Inventory Mode.

  3. Fix for, Custom Memo Folders bug fix.

  4. Fix for Item in Inventory mode, is partially spoken when you enter Memo Mode.

  5. Fix for Scanner timeout issue in ID Mode.

Version 2.0.0

  1. Added Share Scanned Barcodes.  This new feature allows users to share scanned barcode recordings with En-Vision America.  This will allow En-Vision to update the database to add new items and correct erroneous barcode descriptions.

  2. Added Scan History Mode.  This new mode allows you to review the last 30 items scanned in I D mode.  Scan History Mode must first be enabled in System Mode.

  3. Added feature in System Mode for SD Card safe removal.

  4. Added a reset battery functionality within the factory reset procedure in System Mode.

  5. Various bug fixes.

Version 1.9.0

  1. Skype Mode disabled.

  2. Software changes, for reducing power consumption.

  3. Support for multiple inventory files.

  4. Wrong prompt announcement in Memo mode.

  5. Missing prompt announcement in inventory mode and browse inventory mode.

  6. Announcement cutoff in Browse inventory mode.

  7. Unit not going to sleep in inventory and browse inventory mode when multiple inventory files are present in SD card.

  8. Scanner timeout not happening in Inventory mode.

  9. Various bug fixes.

Version 1.8.0

  1. Various bug fixes

  2. ID Mode fix for scanner not turning on after erase button press.

  3. Added more detail to log files.

  4. Fix for, connecting with Starbucks Wi-Fi network.

  5. Fix for, Skype Mode, caller announcement.

  6. Inventory Mode, enable, disable, prompt correction.

  7. No power down of unit, when A C charger is plugged in.

  8. Fix for, downloading software and database updates.

Version 1.7.0

  1. Fix ensuring no power down of Quest when AC charger is plugged in.

Version 1.6.0

  1. Removed hard coded prompts from Currency, Skype and Inventory Mode.

  2. Wifi long password option enabled by copying wifi dot conf file to root of user S D card.

  3. Software control over repeated battery charging announcment happening because of bad charging circuitry.

  4. Software control over battery capacity announced for AC as well as USB charging.

  5. Suppress two wifi disconnect messages announced when device is brought out of sleep.

  6. Fix for non stop beep from buzzer when unit is brought out of sleep by plugging and unplugging charger several times.

  7. Fix for scanner timeout not happening.

  8. Fix for text or audio tone cut off happening in Inventory Mode for record button press.

  9. Fix ensuring no power down of Quest when AC charger is plugged in.

Version 1.5.0

  1. Spell-It mode support added while in ID Mode and Help Mode.  For more information, go to help mode, Spell it function.

  2. In Inventory Mode, maximum count that can be entered brought to 499.

  3. Improved microphone voice recordings removing some of the noise pick up.

  4. Updated help files.

  5. Improved online product lookup for barcodes not found in database.

  6. Fixed bug, where device was not going to sleep in MP3 Mode, and System Mode after single power button press.

  7. Correction in Browse Inventory Mode behavior after Erase button press.

  8. Inventory Mode product name announcement for barcodes identified from online search.

  9. Browse Inventory Mode barcode number announcement for item not in the database and but has a voice recording.

Version 1.4.0

  1. In ID Mode, the delay in doing a barcode search when connected to a slow network is now limited to a 5 second wait.

  2. In ID Mode, we have changed the order with which we speak voice recordings and text to speech in order to make it more like the i.d. mate Summit.

  3. In inventory and browse inventory mode, for products not currently in database, enabled playback of voice recording associated with each, if it is available.

  4. Scanner timeout correction made in ID Mode and Inventory Mode.

  5. In MP3 Mode, automatic playback of next song after a song completes playing.

  6. Enabled unencrypted databases created with Bar Encode Lite to work on Quest.

  7. Support for multiple databases.

  8. In Inventory mode, the Inventory dot dat file changed to semicolon delimited file to match with what i.d. mate Summit produced.

  9. Fix which ensures that there is no power down in all modes of Quest when charger is plugged in.

  10. Mexican Spanish language included – Prompt and Help files have been included.

  11. Quest integration with CAB EOS4 Printer.

Version 1.3.0

  1. Support for device boot up problem (i.e. boots up with constant beep).

  2. Bug fix for, 24 hour clock announcement in system mode.

  3. Bug fix for, Increased the ID Mode time out (when prompted to record a message).

  4. Support to switch off the buzzer beep, when device is not able to boot.

  5. Bug fix for, Memo mode operation comes under Help mode.

  6. Support to power down the device when SD card is not present

Version 1.2.0

Please Note: This version is basically the same as V1.1.5 with some subtle differences in Battery Charging, Prompts and Help Mode Contents.

  1. Retain the user settings in system mode after software update.

  2. Increase the calendar year limit from 2020 to 2030.

  3. If date & time set manually, do not sync from time server while connected to network.

  4. Support for not entering sleep mode even after charge done event is received, when power adapter is connected.

  5. Change the voice speed to default speed of 100 on entering currency mode & resuming back to user configured voice speed on exiting.

  6. Support for database release update information as part of install.conf file and announcing “What’s new” during database update.

  7. Bug fix for lock up during system sub mode time & date setting.

  8.  Support to calibrate the battery charging fuel gauge based on Hardware / Firmware Version.

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