• Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind MSAB Month Helps People Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired - Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind (MSAB) is a month-long event, held every October across the US and Canada. This initiative rallies advocates to spread the word about accessible prescription labels, so that people who are blind, visually or print impaired become aware of options for accessing their prescription label information. This year, over 200 […]
  • Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind MSAB Month is in Full Swing - October is MSAB month! Hundreds of people across the US and Canada are participating in MSAB month, advocating for the safety of people who are blind, visually or print impaired by spreading the word about accessible prescription labels. Multiple blind organizations, support agencies, senior centers, and a multitude of groups including the Lions Clubs are […]
  • Help for People Who Are Blind, Visually and Print Impaired – Sam From The Blind Life Talks About Accessible Prescription Labels and How To Get Them - In this video, Sam from The Blind Life talks about accessible prescription labels such as ScripTalk talking labels, large print and Braille labels, and how anyone can get these labels by requesting them from a participating pharmacy.  Video link:  Thank you Sam Seavey for spreading the word about accessible prescription labels! Be sure to […]
  • Blind Resources Available By State -
  • May 17 2018 is the Seventh Annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day - A Message From Lainey Feingold: Today is the seventh annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day — a day that reflects the foundations of my work for the past two decades: Global: The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognizes the right of people everywhere to participate in the online world and independently […]
  • ScripTalk iOS App Set for 2018 Launch - En-Vision America has spent the last year developing an iOS app for its ScripTalk product since Apple made NFC available in iOS 11. Once the ScripTalk app is downloaded and opened, Apple iPhone users will be able to use their phone as an audible prescription reader. The user simply places a prescription container with a special […]
  • Talking Prescriptions for People with Low Vision Now State Law in Nevada - ABC Channel 3 in Las Vegas covers the new law in Nevada mandating talking prescription readers. Read more 
  • Top Ten Ways Technology Gives Sight To The Blind - Blind people have managed to lead full, independent lives throughout history. But there’s no denying the fact that the world can be a daunting and difficult place if you can’t see, and so we’ve adapted. Braille was invented nearly 200 years ago; guide dogs have been in existence about half that long. In this Age […]
  • Nevada SB 131 Accessible Labels Bill Needs Final Push to Pass Assembly Vote - A final push is needed by Nevada citizens to help pass SB 131, a bill that would make accessible prescriptions widely available to blind, visually impaired and print impaired people. People who live in Nevada are being asked to call their legislators now. See message from Rick Kuhlmey, Nevada Council of the Blind:  May 10, […]
  • Speech Technology (Summer 2014) - The Summer 2014 issue of Speech Technology magazine includes an article on CVS pharmacy mail order customers now having access to ScripAbility prescription information. Read ScripAbility in Speech Technology (not accessible).
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