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i.d. mate is Being Discontinued

January 15, 2021

To all our friends and customers:

For over twenty five years, i.d. mate has provided invaluable assistance in identifying and getting information about products of all types. We at EVA are saddened to announce that the i.d. mate brand bar code scanner is being discontinued. Lack of parts availability has contributed to the decision to retire this good friend to many.

Hand holding the i.d. mate galaxy scanner

Current users of i.d. mate should rest assured database updates will be available long term. For those who own an i.d. mate Galaxy, your warranty will be in full force and we have parts to repair any Galaxy device into the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, other models of the i.d. mate can no longer be supported for repair or parts.

We do still have i.d. mate Galaxy’s remaining in stock but we expect these may not last through the end of March. Sales for the remaining stock is first-come-first-serve for purchases by government, dealer, and individual private pay. Payment plans will no longer be offered due to the limited availability.

Thank you all for the love, support and loyalty you have shown for the i.d. mate these past 25 years. We hope that the product has provided great value to all the lives it has touched.

With Sincerest Appreciation,

David Raistrick

President, En-Vision America

David Raistrick - President, En-Vision America


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