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The ScripTalk Mobile App is Now Available on Blindshell Classic 2 Phones

PALMETTO, Fla. — The popular ScripTalk Mobile App will now be available inside the BlindShell Classic 2 and all future versions of the phone. This addition will allow the BlindShell phone to read ScripTalk Talking Labels available at no cost at thousands of participating pharmacies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The small ScripTalk Talking Label is placed onto the prescription medication by a pharmacist, typically on the bottom of the bottle. That tag has been programmed with all the prescription label information, including medication name, dosage, instructions, warnings and more. By holding the tag up to the back of a BlindShell phone, the patient can now hear all the label information out loud through the app. A ScripTalk Station Reader is also available free on loan for patients who prefer not to use an app.

“We’re happy to expand the availability of the ScripTalk into BlindShell products,” says David Raistrick, President of En-Vision America. “Our mission is to improve medication safety and independence. BlindShell has a growing user base, and we want to give these patients peace of mind when it comes to medication safety.”

"We're thrilled to announce our entry into the healthcare sphere with the launch of the ScripTalk mobile app on the BlindShell Classic 2. This pioneering step reflects our unwavering commitment to empower the visually impaired community, merging innovation with accessibility to redefine independent medication management,” says Bari Azman, President, BlindShell USA.

About En-Vision America

Located in Palmetto, Florida, En-Vision America has been leveraging the latest technology to support individuals with visual impairments and language barriers for more than 25 years. This includes the development of a full suite of accessible prescription labels. Originally founded by Philip C. and David B. Raistrick in 1996, the cornerstone of the company is based upon one single premise — to provide customers with greater independence and access to information through technology. Visit for more information.

About BlindShell USA

BlindShell USA markets, distributes, and supports the BlindShell family of accessible cell phones in the US. Our trained professionals help individuals explore and harness the power of the BlindShell Classic product line to gain productivity and live a full life. We nurture and engage with the sight-loss community through events, videos, demos, webinars, sponsorships, and social media. Our broad outreach and extensive retail experience in the North American low vision market enable us to collaborate with academia, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits to serve those who are blind or living with low vision at every stage of their sight-loss journey. Learn more at or reach out to For B2B opportunities, please contact


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