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Wegmans to pilot ScripTalk service in 5 New York locations

Wegmans is offering the ScripTalk system that allows blind or low-vision patients to hear important prescription label information audibly, ensuring their medication independence and safety. The chain will offer the service across five New York locations: Fayetteville, Rochester, Buffalo, Depew and Jamestown.

"At Wegmans, we are committed to providing incredible customer service to all our shoppers," said Linda Lovejoy, community relations manager for Wegmans, in a statement.

To provide ScripTalk labels, the Wegmans pharmacy places a special RFID label on the bottom of a patient's prescription bottle. The patient then places the bottle onto a small, battery-operated device called a ScripTalk Station, provided at no charge. The ScripTalk Station reads the prescription information out loud to the patient, including the prescription number, drug name, dosage, instructions, warnings and more. Patients also can access the talking prescription labels using the free Android or iOS apps. To read the full article, click here.


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