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Large Print, Braille, & Talking Prescriptions and Prescription Readers Available Nationwide

Many pharmacies across the US and Canada have adopted the ScripAbility Prescription Accessibility System to meet the needs of their blind, visually impaired, or print impaired patients. The accessible label system includes ScripTalk audible labels and prescription reader units, large print labels and Braille labels. 

Are you having trouble reading your prescription labels? Ask your pharmacist for accessible labels! Talking labels allow you to correctly identify and take medications as prescribed so you can independently and safely manage your prescriptions.

Accessible information includes patient name, drug name, dosage and instructions, prescription number and date, pharmacy information, and warnings, along with patient education leaflets.

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Pharmacist and ScripTalk Station reader

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Woman reading large print label and printer

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Prescription bottle with Braille label and printer

Ask your pharmacist today for ScripTalk talking labels and prescription reader.  If your pharmacist does not offer this service, we can help!

Please contact us today by calling 1-800-890-1180. You can also find a participating pharmacy in your area by searching by zip code here.

We look forward to helping you!

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