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Accessible Prescription Labels: Talking, Large Print and Braille Labels and Prescription Readers

Many pharmacies across the US and Canada are offering ScriptAbility accessible prescription labels to meet the needs of patients who are blind, visually impaired, or print impaired. The system includes ScripTalk talking labels and prescription readers, ScriptView large print labels, and Braille labels. These labels give patients access to all of the printed label information, including patient name, drug name, dosage, instructions, prescription number, date, pharmacy information, warnings, and patient education leaflets.

Read more about accessible prescription drug labeling: Accessible Prescription Labels Fact Sheet

Accessible prescription labels are provided at no extra charge by a participating pharmacy. If you or a loved one needs accessible labels, request them from your pharmacist. Call us for free assistance: 1-800-890-1180 and we will work with your pharmacist or help you find a pharmacy in your area.

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Pharmacist and ScripTalk Station reader

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Keyboard with a Translate key

  • 17 Languages
  • Pharmacist Verified Translations
  • Translation Provided for Warnings and SIGS
  • Prints Both Translation and English Text onto Label
  • Learn More About Translation

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Woman reading large print label and printer

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Prescription bottle with Braille label and printer

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Controlled Substance Safety Label CSSL

Scan QR code with ScriptView app, iphone camera app, or another QR reader to play sample safety video
  • Clearly identifies a medication as a controlled substance and provides a safety video to help ensure compliance and adherence
  • Distinct label alerts the patient to use extra caution when taking the medication
  • Scan of the label’s QR code instantly plays a brief safety video, detailing the drug’s instructions and warnings in a quick and easy-to-understand audio and visual format
  • Read more about Controlled Substance Safety Labels CSSLs

Ask your pharmacist today for FREE accessible prescription labels.  If your pharmacist does not offer this service, we can work with them or help you find a participating pharmacy!

Call us for free assistance: 1-800-890-1180

You can also find a participating pharmacy in your area by searching by zip code here.

We look forward to helping you!

More info: Accessible Prescription Labels Fact Sheet

Read about the USA’s first prescription reader law in Nevada: SB131 Talking Prescription Reader Law helps Low Vision Residents

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