Controlled Substance Safety Label (CSSL)

A Controlled Substance Safety Label (CSSL) is a solution designed to help reduce the risk of opioid misuse by providing dangerous drug information in multiple, easy-to-understand media formats.

A CSSL helps ensure safety for people who have difficulty understanding printed media, cannot read a printed label, or are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information that comes with a Schedule II controlled substance medication.

Controlled Substance Safety Label CSSL

Try it! Scan the QR code to play the safety video. (Download the ScriptView app from Google Play to scan, or use your iPhone camera app, or any QR reader.) Or click here to play video. 

Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSL) features:

  • Clearly identifies a medication as a controlled substance
  • Distinct label alerts the patient to use extra caution when taking the medication
  • Scan of the QR code plays a brief safety video on a mobile device, detailing the drug’s instructions, side effects and warnings
  • Easy-to-understand large print, audio and visual formats reduce the complexity of information
  • Booklet-style auxiliary label attached to prescription bottle with legal label

A CSSL meets the best practice recommendations of U.S. Access Board.

STAY SAFE. ASK YOUR PHARMACIST FOR A CSSL LABEL. Need more information? Please call us today 1-800-890-1180.


Recommendations from the US Access Board

Best Practices for Making Prescription Drug Container Label Information Accessible

NCD Best Practices for Prescription Drug Labeling

National Council on Disability NCD Best Practices Prescription Drug Labeling


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