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ScriptAbility is a suite of products designed to help pharmacists meet the needs of their blind, visually impaired, or print impaired patients. It is one system offering multiple solutions: ScripTalk talking labels, ScripTalk prescription reader, large print labels and Braille labels with translation into 17 languages.


People who need accessible prescription labels can request them from their pharmacist or search for a participating pharmacy in their area here.


i.d. mate is a family of portable talking bar code scanners that gives those with visual impairments the ability to identify any item in their environment.


i.d. mate reads everything on a package label including ingredients, nutritional information, cooking instructions, and serving size.

Anything without a bar code can be tagged with a custom bar code recorded with a memo to identify the item. 

Hand Holding i.d. mate Galaxy and Scanning Pantry Items
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