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Large Print Prescription Labels

Do you or a loved one have trouble reading prescription labels?

  • Are you worried that you don’t remember your prescription instructions correctly?
  • Are you bothered that you have to rely on other family or friends to read prescription information for you?
  • Are you looking for a way to safely and independently manage your medications?

Now there is a solution!

ScriptView Labels

Large print label on prescription bottle

Easily read your prescription information!

Non-glare, high contrast, durable label presents all the needed information in a large print booklet-style label:

  • Drug Name, Dosage, & Instructions
  • Warnings & Contraindications
  • Pharmacy Information
  • Doctor Name
  • Prescription Number & Date
  • And More!

ScriptView provides easy access to prescription label information for those with low vision. The large print label presents the data in 18-pt font on a high-contrast, non-glare, durable media.

In the pharmacy, your prescription information is printed on a special ScriptView label. It is the same information as the pharmacy’s regular label, but in large print. The pharmacist then attaches the label to your prescription container with a Script Clip.

At home, you can easily read the accessible text for important information. A 2D barcode is also printed on the label and may be scanned with a smartphone using the ScriptView app to audibly access the detailed drug information.

Senior woman reading large print label

ScriptView Features

  • Complete Label Information
  • 18 pt High Contrast Font
  • Durable, Non-Glare Material
  • 2D Barcode for Extended Information via Smartphone
  • Works For Any Prescription
  • Read as Many Times as Needed

ScriptView Large Print Labels meet all the guidelines and recommendations set by the U.S. Access Board’s Working Group on Accessible Prescription Labels.

The FDA Safety & Innovation Act outlines best practices for pharmacies to follow in providing access to prescription label information for the blind and visually impaired. ScriptView also meets federal requirements listed under the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

For more information on where to find this service, or how to have your pharmacy participate and issue your prescriptions with a ScriptView large print labels, contact En-Vision America today.

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