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ScripTalk Printer Model 220-SN Support

Please Note: Supporting material and printed guides are only available in English.


Setting a Fixed IP Address

There are two methods for setting a fixed IP address in the 220-SN:

The first method can be done through the printer’s web admin and is possible if the VA network has a DHCP server. If so:


  1. If the printer is not already set with DHCP enabled, perform a Factory Reset on the printer (section 4.5 in the manual; download above).

  2. Perform a Print Configuration to get the assigned IP (section 4.6; take note of Step 6!).

  3. Access the printer’s web admin by going to the IP in a browser.

  4. The Network Configuration page will allow you to fix the proper settings.

  5. Once set and the printer power has been cycled, do a Reset & Reinitialize (section 4.4).

  6. Now try printing some labels.

The second method is performed via USB and is as follows:


  1. Download the Sato All-in-One tool here:


  2. Once installed, restart the computer.

  3. Turn the printer off and connect it with a USB cable.

  4. Launch the All-in-One tool, then go to Tools > Auto-Discover and it should list the printer after a few seconds.

  5. Highlight the printer and click Interface Configuration on the right.

  6. Go to the LAN tab and you’ll see the form for the needed settings.


  7. Once set and saved, you will need to turn the printer off, disconnect the USB, connect Ethernet, and turn on.

  8. Do the Reset & Reinitialize procedure in the manual (section 4.4; download above).

  9. Now try printing some labels.

Printer Support Dialog Box Example
ScripTalk Printer Label Alignment

Flashing Red Light

If your printer has a flashing red light, open the printer and check to ensure that your labels are installed correctly. In particular, be sure the labels pass under the left and right media guides.

Contact Options

  • Call our toll-free ScripTalk Printer Support Line: 1-800-890-1180

  • Use our contact page to email Printer Support

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