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i.d. mate Testimonials

Our i.d. mate Galaxy is a compact, handheld device that brings power and independence into the palm of your hands. It features a robust red laser that easily grabs and reads UPC bar codes. Its database has millions of items, including cooking instructions, nutritional information, ingredients and much more! The database is consistently growing with updates coming out twice a year.


Don’t take our word for how helpful this device can be. Here’s some insight from i.d. mate users. 


“I love my new i.d. mate Galaxy! This will be my new ‘SIDEKICK!’ Thank you so much!”

— Graham S.,

Riverside, WY

“I have taught independent living skills, home management, cooking and Braille at three different agencies in Los Angeles and am an experienced braille labeler and user of the ID Mate II and now the Summit. That being said, the Summit just helped me to avoid a very dangerous situation. I had purchased a refill size of Windex Original glass cleaner, but had forgotten about it and mistakenly put it in the refrigerator with other chilled juices. I thought I had better identify it before opening and pouring a glass. The Summit told me this was Windex and not juice, even though the bottles are similar. Without this knowledge I surely would have poured the first glass for myself or someone else. Thank goodness that using the Summit, even with my past experience, prevented this, and demonstrated how useful this product is for a user of any level!”

— Cindy F., Los Angeles, CA

“I have the i.d. mate Galaxy reader. I love that thing!

I’m not sure about everyone else, but every time I try to use any bar code reader on my iPhone, I can never find the bar code. The i.d. mate makes it easy because it’s multidirectional when it scans for a bar code, so you don’t have to be that precise when looking for the bar code. For me, the database is always current because I update when the updates come out twice a year.

It’s also easy to record your own codes and then upload them to the universal database so they are included the next time an update comes out. I know the i.d. mates are expensive compared to bar code reading apps on the iPhone, but for me, it was worth it.”

— F., Saint Catherines, ON, Canada

“You do not know what your product means to me. It is what we call as sports fans a “game changer.” I would like to take a minute to thank you and your staff for all the help and quick response time to fix my problems. Again, thank you for making the playing field even for Randolph Sheppherd vendors throughout the country. Keep up the good work and please share this with all your employees. As a manager of people, I realize that customers are quick to complain but slow to praise.”


— Scott G., Evansville, IN

“I heard about i.d. mate through state of Connecticut Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind. An independent living gentleman introduce me to it. Fell in love with it instantly.

I’m a little slow on technology. At first I didn’t use it all the time, but now I use it all the time. I primarily use it in the kitchen. It’s helped me a great deal. It saved me a lot of money. I don’t open things by mistake anymore.

Before I got it, I would organize to try to know where stuff was. Chili goes over here … corn beef hash goes over there. Try to remember where I put things. I tried it and tried it. 40 years later … I found this.

99.999 percent of items, it knows what it is. Great database. 

I would strongly recommend it for anyone who has difficulty reading product labels and bar codes. The fact it gives all the recipe info and how to cook it, too, that’s cool. If anyone feels they might need it, give it a try.It’s a miracle thing. Like when we first got talking computers or when we first got on the Internet.”

— Kevin H., Norwich, CT

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