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Is the fine print on your prescription labels giving you trouble when you try to read them? Perhaps you’ve noticed a friend or family member struggling to read their medication labels? If so, ScriptView can help.

ScriptView presents three different labeling options to assist you with your medication safety, including Large Print Labels, Dual Language Labels and CSSLs. You’ll find an overview of each below.

Large Print Labels

Large Print Labels


Your pharmacist attaches a large print, booklet-style label to your medication. The larger font size makes for much easier reading. The non-glare, high contrast, durable label features all the important medication information, including:

• Drug Name, Dosage and Instructions

• Warnings

• Pharmacy Information

• Doctor’s Name

• Prescription Number and Date

• And More!

This large print label is especially designed for patients with low vision. It presents all vital prescription information in an 18-point font on high-contrast, non-glare, durable media.


It features all the same information on a regular label, just in larger font. A pharmacist prints the label and then attaches it to your medication with a Script Clip.


A 2D bar code is also printed on the label, which you can scan with a smartphone using the ScriptView App to audibly access the detailed drug information.


ScriptView Large Print Labels meet all the guidelines and recommendations set by the U.S. Access Board’s Working Group on Accessible Prescription Labels.

Dual Language Labels

Dual Language Labels


Does a friend or family member have to rely on someone else to translate their prescription medication labels? Are you concerned errors is dosage or timing may occur if that individual is not there to help? Dual Language Labels can provide relief of mind and help increase medication safety for individuals who speak English as a Second Language.

Dual Language Labels are available through ScriptAbility, a suite of accessible prescription labels provided at no additional charge by the pharmacist.

These are printed by the pharmacist as a booklet-style label that is attached to the medication so the directions are not easily misplaced. Dual Language Labels feature an easy-to-read font and include both English and a second language.


  • Amharic

  • Arabic

  • Bengali

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • Chinese (Traditional)

  • Farsi

  • French

  • German

  • Greek

  • Haitian Creole

  • Hindi

  • Italian

  • Korean

  • Myanmar (Burmese)

  • Nepali

  • Pashto

  • Polish

  • Portuguese (Brazil)

  • Romanian

  • Russian

  • Somali

  • Spanish

  • Swahili

  • Tagalog

  • Vietnamese

The video below helps explain how Dual Language Prescription Labels can improve safety and independence for Spanish speaking patients.


Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSL)


Controlled Substance Safety Labels are a solution designed to help reduce the risk of opioid misuse by reminding patients of the risks. These labels provide easy-to-understand audible and visual access to prescription drug information.


CSSLs help ensure safety for people who have difficulty understanding printed media, cannot read a printed label, or are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information that comes with Schedule II through V medications.


A booklet-style label attached to your prescription


Distinct label clearly identifying the medication as a controlled substance, alerting you to use extra caution when taking the medication


Provides a QR code, that when scanned, instantly plays a brief safety video on your smartphone


Video outlines safety tips and warnings in a quick and easy-to-understand audio and visual format to help ensure compliance and adherence

The FDA Safety & Innovation Act outlines best practices for pharmacies to follow in providing access to prescription label information for the blind and visually impaired. ScriptView also meets federal requirements listed under the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

For more information on where to find this service, call us at 1-800-890-1180!


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