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ScriptAbility is a suite of products designed to help pharmacists meet the needs of their blind, visually impaired, print impaired patients or those patients who speak English as a Second Language. It is one system offering multiple solutions:

Talking Prescription Labels

Large Print Labels

Dual Language Labels

Controlled Substance Safety Labels

Braille Labels

People who need accessible prescription labels can request them from their pharmacist or search for a participating pharmacy in their area here.


All medication information is programmed by your pharmacist into a small electronic tag that fits on any size or shape containers. This prescription information can be read out loud with a FREE ScripTalk iPhone or Android App or a ScripTalk Station (similar in size to an old, portable CD player).

Multiple languages are available!


Learn more about ScripTalk Talking Labels

Woman Holding Prescription Bottle with large Print Label

Is the print on your prescription medication hard to read? ScriptView presents three different labeling options to assist you with your medication safety.

  • Large Print Labels: Your pharmacist attaches a large print, booklet-style label to your medication.

  • Dual Language Labels: Your pharmacist attaches a booklet style label that features an easy-to-read font and includes prescription information in both English and a second language. There are 25 languages available to choose from. 

  • CSSL: Controlled Substance Safety Labels are attached to your prescription in a booklet-style form that clearly identifies the medication as a controlled substance and provides a link to a safety video to help ensure compliance and adherence.

Learn more about ScriptView Extended Content Labels

Woman With Finger on Braill Prescription Label

A clear, Braille overlay is added on top of your existing prescription medication label. It features the label information in Grade 2 Braille. These labels let you quickly gather important information about your prescription, including:

• Patient Name

• Drug Name

• Instructions


Learn more about Braille Labels

Ask your pharmacist today for FREE accessible prescription labels. If your pharmacist does not offer this service, we can work with them or help you find a participating pharmacy!

Call us for free assistance; we look forward to helping you! 1-800-890-1180

You can also find a participating pharmacy in your area by searching by ZIP code - Click Here!

   Click here for additional support resources   


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